Pyrgus communis

Very common and widespread in both Alabama and Mississippi.  Upper surface with black and white checkered pattern.  Females are darker than males and males sometimes have blue hairs.  Lower surface of wings are whitish with darker bands and spots.  Very similar to Tropical Checkered-Skipper but can be distinguished by having the alternating black and white dorsal markings extending to the forewing tip and the presence of smaller white dorsal marginal hindwing spots.  Ventral surface of hindwing has two dark blotches along leading edge.  Common Checkered-Skipper is virtually identical to White Checkered-Skipper and is only identifiable by dissection, so our photographic records may very well include both species.  Similar species: Tropical Checkered-Skipper

Adult female - dorsal

Adult male - dorsal

(mouse over to see field marks)

Adult - ventral

(mouse over to see field marks)


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