Enallagma geminatum

(Skimming Bluet)

Enallagma geminatum can be found at scattered localities throughout Alabama and Mississippi. Suitable habitat includes ponds, lakes, and slow-moving streams with floating vegetation. Males occasionally have the blue antehumeral stripes broken into an upside-down exclamation mark. This species, along with many other lentic damselflies, is often found with one to many parasitic mites attached to its thorax or abdomen.


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Enallagma geminatum, male

SOUTH CAROLINA, Kershaw County

Enallagma geminatum, male

ALABAMA, Macon County

Enallagma geminatum, male

ALABAMA, Hale County

Enallagma geminatum, mating pair

NEW YORK, Broome County

Enallagma geminatum, nymph

ALABAMA, Shelby County