Ophiogomphus incurvatus

(Appalachian Snaketail)

Ophiogomphus incurvatus reaches the known southern limit of its range at and above the Fall Line in Alabama. Adults collected in the state appear to be intermediate between the two described subspecies of O. incurvatus (O. i. incurvatus and O. i. alleghaniensis). Much work remains to be done with this group in our area! The habitat for this elusive species comprises small to medium, clear, flowing, largely undisturbed gravel streams in forest.


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Ophiogomphus incurvatus, nymph

ALABAMA, Jefferson County

Ophiogomphus incurvatus, female

ALABAMA, Bibb County

Ophiogomphus incurvatus, male

ALABAMA, Calhoun County

Ophiogomphus incurvatus, male

GEORGIA, Oglethorpe County